How to Make Money Online

Here’s one way great way to address how make money online using Tecademics!

Who created it, and why?

This system was created by the very well known industry expert, Vick Strizheus. He is regarded as one of, if not the best traffic and lead generation experts to date.

The vision was created to develop a system to train people how to make an income online by promoting a high demand product called Tecademics.

Vick has said that over the last two years, he has been evaluating his online career and auditing who he has become and what message he is portraying in the online space.

In his quest for self-awareness he discovered a major flaw in his own, and other ‘gurus’ delivery of quality education in the industry.

That flaw is simply unloading so much unstructured information on many different topics and strategies, that it causes the student to become overwhelmed and suffer from information overload, leaving them confused and frustrated not knowing where or how to start.

I’m not sure if you have experienced this yourself, but I certainly did in the early stages online, and I know for a fact it is not a pleasant situation to be in!

Hold on! What’s the deal with the name, “The Four Percent Group”

When looking for different sources of retirement income or passive income there are lots of different choices.  The name originates from the famous Pareto Principle (also known as the 80/20 rule) which states that in most events, 80% of the effects, come from 20% of the causes.

This relates to everything in life, Including business, so going by this principle, in the ‘make money online’ industry, 80% of the Income generated comes from 20% of people in the industry.

Now this 20% number did not satisfy Vick, he wanted everyone who becomes apart of this movement to become the top 20% of the top 20%, and thus the name 4% Group was created!

Right there in the name itself, is the main philosophy of the 4% Group, that is Vick’s aim, and he has explicitly announced, that for the rest of his online carrier, he will not be involved in anything other than building the 4% Group up to the greatest results driven community in the Industry.

Ok, so how can it help someone who is looking at creating an income online?

So how to make money online?  Well, the whole concept of the Four Percent Group System ‘sell without selling’ basically provides the newbie that has no experience with ‘selling’ or marketing online, a real opportunity to succeed, by supplying strategically designed sales funnels and marketing materials to use right from day one.

This allows them to make money while they learn all the necessary skills to scale their business in the future, eliminating the main cause’s of failure in the industry, overwhelm and lack of results.

What is Tecademics (the main product) and what’s so great about it?

Tecademics is a physical school for entrepreneurs (the first of it’s kind) based in Arizona USA, dedicated to providing high end structured classroom based education around entrepreneurship and financial literacy.  financing for small businessYou can read more about here. The college can be attended in person, or live streamed online.

This type of structured education is what has missing from the industry up until now, the entrepreneurial skills and mindset are not taught in traditional college or university, and in this day n age,  these things are a must for any aspiring entrepreneur.

That is why Vick chose this product for the Four Percent Group, and why it is in such high demand in the market place.

Who is this system best suited for?

The Four Percent Group system is designed around helping ‘newbies’ (someone brand new to the industry) get started with as little difficulty as possible, and have them generating results in the shortest time frame possible.

Also for someone who has already had experience with online marketing, this system will be the cream on top of what ever it is they are currently promoting, the training will allow scale ability and multiplication of results immediately, no matter what niche or product is being promoted.

Well, how to make money online with this? Have other people been getting results?

As far as the “how to’s’ on how to make money online here are the specific step-by-step training and the most up to date marketing strategies are all taught in the Four Percent Group back office, so there is no room for chance or error.

I am a current and proud member of the Four Percent Group, and can say that the system definitely works! Below you will see some testimonials of current members.


  • Very low cost of entry to join
  • Absolute newbies are seeing results in very short time-frames (so that shows it works)
  • All training is simplified, step-by-step and very easy to follow
  • You can get setup, and start earning within days
  • Automated sales system, so no marketing or selling experience required to get started
  • Highly active and supportive Private Facebook group
  • Multiple streams of Income – Currently up to 10
  • Fast payouts of commissions


  • The system is only in digital format, so you have to have an Internet connection to use it
  • It is still in per-launch phase, so some of the more advanced training are not live yet
  • You do have to learn some marketing skills in the future, in order to scale your results

Overall, is it really something that can produce results, or is it just another scam?

In my humble opinion, on how to make money online is the Four Percent Group is the best way to get started making money online, the training is so simple and step-by-step, you literally cannot go wrong.

The fact that you initially don’t need any marketing or sales skills to start getting results, makes it a no brainier for someone who is looking at working from home.

With the amount of success stories coming out I really don’t see how anyone in their right mind could label this system as a ‘scam’.

Okay, so how much does it cost, and how can quickly can I get started?

The cost of the Four Percent Group is just $49 per month, WARNING: This price is only available for 24hrs once you see the system, after 24hrs it will jump to the original price of $297 per month.

There is also a heavily discounted lifetime membership upgrade available, which I took advantage of myself (it was just too good to pass up!) which you will see after you join.

Literally, you can have the system all set up ready to go within hours, and you have the potential to start making your first commissions within the first few days!

Everything you need, all the step-by-step training and resources are within the members area ready for you to use, as soon as you sign up.

What if for some reason I am not satisfied after I join?

This guide has everything you need on how to make money online.  Relax, you are backed by a full 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. So it is truly risk free to get started!