How to Make Money Online With Tecademics

Here’s one way great way to address how make money online using Tecademics!

Who created it, and why?

This system was created by the very well known industry expert, Vick Strizheus. He is regarded as one of, if not the best traffic and lead generation experts to date.

The vision was created to develop a system to train people how to make an income online by promoting a high demand product called Tecademics.

Vick has said that over the last two years, he has been evaluating his online career and auditing who he has become and what message he is portraying in the online space.

In his quest for self-awareness he discovered a major flaw in his own, and other ‘gurus’ delivery of quality education in the industry.

That flaw is simply unloading so much unstructured information on many different topics and strategies, that it causes the student to become overwhelmed and suffer from information overload, leaving them confused and frustrated not knowing where or how to start.

I’m not sure if you have experienced this yourself, but I certainly did in the early stages online, and I know for a fact it is not a pleasant situation to be in!

Hold on! What’s the deal with the name, “The Four Percent Group”

When looking for different sources of retirement income or passive income there are lots of different choices.  The name originates from the famous Pareto Principle (also known as the 80/20 rule) which states that in most events, 80% of the effects, come from 20% of the causes.

This relates to everything in life, Including business, so going by this principle, in the ‘make money online’ industry, 80% of the Income generated comes from 20% of people in the industry.

Now this 20% number did not satisfy Vick, he wanted everyone who becomes apart of this movement to become the top 20% of the top 20%, and thus the name 4% Group was created!

Right there in the name itself, is the main philosophy of the 4% Group, that is Vick’s aim, and he has explicitly announced, that for the rest of his online carrier, he will not be involved in anything other than building the 4% Group up to the greatest results driven community in the Industry.

Ok, so how can it help someone who is looking at creating an income online?

So how to make money online?  Well, the whole concept of the Four Percent Group System ‘sell without selling’ basically provides the newbie that has no experience with ‘selling’ or marketing online, a real opportunity to succeed, by supplying strategically designed sales funnels and marketing materials to use right from day one.

This allows them to make money while they learn all the necessary skills to scale their business in the future, eliminating the main cause’s of failure in the industry, overwhelm and lack of results.

What is Tecademics (the main product) and what’s so great about it?

Tecademics is a physical school for entrepreneurs (the first of it’s kind) based in Arizona USA, dedicated to providing high end structured classroom based education around entrepreneurship and financial literacy.  financing for small businessYou can read more about here. The college can be attended in person, or live streamed online.

This type of structured education is what has missing from the industry up until now, the entrepreneurial skills and mindset are not taught in traditional college or university, and in this day n age,  these things are a must for any aspiring entrepreneur.

That is why Vick chose this product for the Four Percent Group, and why it is in such high demand in the market place.

Who is this system best suited for?

The Four Percent Group system is designed around helping ‘newbies’ (someone brand new to the industry) get started with as little difficulty as possible, and have them generating results in the shortest time frame possible.

Also for someone who has already had experience with online marketing, this system will be the cream on top of what ever it is they are currently promoting, the training will allow scale ability and multiplication of results immediately, no matter what niche or product is being promoted.

Well, how to make money online with this? Have other people been getting results?

As far as the “how to’s’ on how to make money online here are the specific step-by-step training and the most up to date marketing strategies are all taught in the Four Percent Group back office, so there is no room for chance or error.

I am a current and proud member of the Four Percent Group, and can say that the system definitely works! Below you will see some testimonials of current members.


  • Very low cost of entry to join
  • Absolute newbies are seeing results in very short time-frames (so that shows it works)
  • All training is simplified, step-by-step and very easy to follow
  • You can get setup, and start earning within days
  • Automated sales system, so no marketing or selling experience required to get started
  • Highly active and supportive Private Facebook group
  • Multiple streams of Income – Currently up to 10
  • Fast payouts of commissions


  • The system is only in digital format, so you have to have an Internet connection to use it
  • It is still in per-launch phase, so some of the more advanced training are not live yet
  • You do have to learn some marketing skills in the future, in order to scale your results

Overall, is it really something that can produce results, or is it just another scam?

In my humble opinion, on how to make money online is the Four Percent Group is the best way to get started making money online, the training is so simple and step-by-step, you literally cannot go wrong.

The fact that you initially don’t need any marketing or sales skills to start getting results, makes it a no brainier for someone who is looking at working from home.

With the amount of success stories coming out I really don’t see how anyone in their right mind could label this system as a ‘scam’.

Okay, so how much does it cost, and how can quickly can I get started?

The cost of the Four Percent Group is just $49 per month, WARNING: This price is only available for 24hrs once you see the system, after 24hrs it will jump to the original price of $297 per month.

There is also a heavily discounted lifetime membership upgrade available, which I took advantage of myself (it was just too good to pass up!) which you will see after you join.

Literally, you can have the system all set up ready to go within hours, and you have the potential to start making your first commissions within the first few days!

Everything you need, all the step-by-step training and resources are within the members area ready for you to use, as soon as you sign up.

What if for some reason I am not satisfied after I join?

This guide has everything you need on how to make money online.  Relax, you are backed by a full 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. So it is truly risk free to get started!

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10 Small Business Debt Financing Options

If you’re looking to grow and expand your business, then small business financing is a great option!  So what options do you have to finance your small business?  Here are 10 small business financing options that will help you get the capital you need!

  1. Friends and Relatives:

When you need financial back-up for your small business, do not always opt for a commercial borrowing when you have a close friends circle or relatives who are capable of lending money. You need not be very formal in rendering your business plan; at the same time, have a legal agreement for borrowing finance.

  1. Supplier Credit:

Trade credit or supplier credit is given to small business owners where the customer is allowed to purchase necessary goods on account without paying the money. The amount will later be paid by the customer. This is a mutual credit exchange done between the supplier and the business owner.

  1. Clients:

There is an option of providing cash in advance for the work to be done. Customers finance the business in this way and provide few materials of service from their side. It’s not uncommon to claim a cash advance either partly or fully when the service is rendered in this way.

  1. Chartered assets:

Reducing cash flow can be done by leasing the assets than buying them. Leasing can be carried out with items which possess long life, transferable use and repossession in case of default. But for a long term idea, it is expensive than that of bank loans.

  1. Financial marketing companies:

Commercial financing companies are agencies which provide installment loan for bad credit based on your collateral. They impose higher interest rates than banks and they do not dig too much into your credit history. They also check your ability to pay back the loan amount just like banks do.

  1. Equity funding:

Generally loans are a one-to-one option where the borrower gets and the lender offers money. But when it comes to equity financing, the companies provide funding for the business but will not take part in the business operations. There are two types of equity funding namely common stock and preferred stock.

  1. SBA:

Small Business Administration (SBA) is an organization controlled by the federal government which offers loan for small businesses at comparatively lower rates than the commercial lending rates. SBA installment loans require tedious documentation procedures which is not too much necessary with banks.

  1. Venture capital:

Venture capital is provided by the financial backing up companies and they do target businesses which possess long-term growth potential. Startup businesses that cannot approach capital marketing firms can opt for venture capital backup.

  1. CDCs:

Certified Development Companies (CDCs) has allotted loan programs which helps small business owners with financial assistance. These are long-term financing schemes provided for fixed assets by selling the SBA guaranteed bonds. CDCs offer finance based on 100% timely guarantee of principle and interest based on the debentures.

  1. Diversified government agencies:

Apart from SBA there are various other installment loan programs assisted by the government for providing funds for small business owners who generally do not have access towards the private banks. This is due to the fact that private lenders always require perfect explanation on business plan and also several collateral options in order to provide finance. This is the reason why many businesses approach government agencies other than private lenders. These are available in the local, state as well as national levels.

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Content Writing For Websites – Starting An Online Business

Writing articles (posts and pages) for your website/blog can be super difficult – especially if you are a newbie/beginner. So in this post I wanna tell you how to write content for a website (blog) and also give you some tips to improve your content writing!

Because we all know that if you wanna rank in the search engines you will need high quality content writing.

Who is Content Writing For?

This article writing guide is for anyone who has or is having a hard time content writing for their websites and blogs.

If you:

  • have a hard time writing 800+ word articles, then this is for you,
  • are having trouble finding ideas to write about, then this is for you,
  • have no idea how to write a blog post or page, then this is for you.

Why Does Content Writing Need To Be High Quality?

For your (target) audience. A website and blog is nothing without content (articles, videos, images, etc). Awesome content will also lead to great search engine rankings – which will then lead to more visitors.  And more visitors means more potential sales (which is probably one of your top goals).

How to Start Content Writing For Your Website

Ok, now let’s get into the good part – creating a good piece of content. Here, I will show you an easy to do 4 step guide that I use when I wanna write a new post or page (and rank in the SERPs).  You can use this blog as an example as they specialize in everything from early retirement to become debt free.

Step 1 – Choosing a Topic

Picking a topic to write about can sometimes be a little hard to do because, let’s face it, good ideas don’t always come to you right away. So how can you come up with ideas for website content? Try keyword research. This is one of the ways I come up with content ideas because the keyword tool I use pumps out “related keywords” every time I search a term/phrase.

Another way to generate content ideas for your blog is to check out your older blog posts and pages. I am sure there are at least a few ideas you can get from there because that’s another way I use. Here’s how you would do it:

  1. Go to one of your older articles
  2. Read through it and see if you can find an idea
  3. Write down all your new ideas

See, I went to my “choosing a domain name” post and found an idea I could right about. Brandable vs. Keyword Rich Domain Names – I am sure people will be interested in that.

You can even come up with ideas while you’re writing an article – like me, I just came up with the “coming up with ideas for website content” – right? This “content ideas” is a whole post itself.

When you come up with ideas you’ll never know how many could come to you. What if 5 new ideas came to you just like that. And 5 minutes later you forgot about them. OK, maybe I’m a little off, but my point is that you should have something with all you ideas in it.

You can use a wordpad on your computer, a spreadsheet, or even on a piece of paper. Just make sure you have a list somewhere with all your content ideas.

Step 2 – The Research

Content Writing ResearchIf you want your stuff to get good rankings, then the research part is a must (but I do this with every article I write).

The things you’ll be looking at are:

  • Keywords – finding out what your audience is searching for. Then see if YOU can give them the right information they are looking for (solving their problem)
  • Your competition – find out what your competition is doing and see what they left out – make something better

I’ll show you an example of doing the research.

The first thing you’ll need is a keyword that has good search volume with not much traffic. I use Jaaxy (it has a free trial).

Type in your content idea into the keyword tool of your choice (Google has one that is free to use but I’ll use Jaaxy for the example). It should look something like this:

139 monthly searches with 0 competition was awesome – that’s why I went with it!

After you found a great keyword that fits with your content idea, then you should check out Google. Type your keyword/idea into Google and check out what the first page has.

Now find out what they are writing about (they’re on the first page for a reason) and see how you can make it better. In my case, I found out that most of the pages in the top 10 of Google only had tips for writing content.

They didn’t exactly show how to write content. So then I thought that my post should, 1) show you how to write it and the research part before it, and 2) give you a few tips on writing your content.

You see where I’m getting at here?

  1. pick a topic
  2. find a keyword that fits with your topic
  3. search that keyword/topic and check out Google’s top 10
  4. find out what they’re missing or leaving out – making your content better

Step 3 – Writing Your Article

You’ve got your topic, you’ve done all your research, and now it’s time to start writing your content. There isn’t much I can show you here because I have no idea what you’re gonna be writing about.

One thing that I will tell you here is to start with an outline/template. Don’t just start writing. Believe me, it’ll be a lot harder for you.

As for length (word count), there really is no right or wrong answer. A lot of people will tell you to write long posts, while others will tell you the shorter the better. Longer content tends to rank higher in the search engines, yeah, but that’s only because it’s high in quality and super helpful.

So, with that said, just write (quality) content that will help your readers. If you do this, you should have no problems.

Also, remember to add images that will fit in with your content. Always include at least 1 image.

If you can’t find any pictures that will fit in, then use bullet points and numbered lists. Use bold and italics for your content, limit your paragraphs to 2-4 sentences AND h2 and h3 tags for your subheadings.

This will make your content a lot easier to read.   Read Our Article on Earning Extra Money Now!

I’ll leave you here with some great tips to make your content (and writing) better. Enjoy!

8 Tips For Improving Your Content Writing

Below, I will be listing a bunch of blogging tips that I use for my articles AND a few others I got from top bloggers from around the web.

Start With an Outline

Starting with an outline will make writing the article a whole lot easier. Here’s what I mean by “outline”:



Subheading 1 (subtopic)

Subheading 2



Note: Make sure to include h2 and h3 tags.

Make it Easy For People to ScanContent Writing Tips

Nowadays people like to skim through articles and only read around half of the content.

  • Does your headline communicate what you’re about?
  • Does your image caption communicate a sales message?
  • Do your sub headlines summarize your key points?
  • Do easy-to-scan bullet points reduce wordiness?

Write For Your People, NOT For The Search Engines

Always remember who’s reading your articles.

  • Don’t sound like a robot.
  • Try not to use big words
  • Make sure your content is easy to understand

Use Images

Using images will make your content:

  1. look better – breaking up your text – making it easier to read
  2. more engaging

Write Short Paragraphs

A paragraph should be no more than 3-4 sentences or else it’ll be harder to read – especially on mobile devices. If you make your paragraphs big blocks, your readers can easily lose where they are and end up not reading your stuff at all.

Write Subheadings (<–Like This One!)

Put your subheadings in h2/h3 tags so it can be easier on your readers. This also falls in the ” easy to scan” tip.

If you do this then your stuff will be easier to read (and write).

Write Useful Information – Go Into Insane Detail

If you publish super helpful content it will do a lot of good for both you and your readers. Here’s what I mean:

  1. If you give out quality info/content your readers will like you and may come back for more. Which means more potential sales.
  2. This will make your article(s) longer – SEO experts say that posting longer content is better because most of Google’s top 10 has at least 2,000 words.
  3. It will also make your content shareable. People love sharing epic content with their network/social friends. More shares = more views = more cha-ching!

Proofread – Tidy up!

I used to have the hardest time doing this (lazy!). My content used to always have a bunch of spelling errors, images looking blurry/smushed up, and all that.

Terrible! No wonder why my bounce rate was sky high. haha!

So you better read your content before you hit the publish button.

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How To Start A Home Business With No Money

how to start a home business with no money No CapitalHow to start a home business with no money?  Money is a great challenge for us in our daily lives to earn and spend money wisely. First and foremost is how and where to get money. People started wondering about different ways to earn money. There are a lot of resources. Some will venture to start a business. But to start a business, is another challenge and a big question mark will comes out to our mind. WHAT BUSINESS TO START? and HOW MUCH CAPITAL INVESTMENT TO START SUCH BUSINESS? Today, there are numerous possibilities for an individual to do business and make money without having to spend a dime. We are now in the INFORMATION AGE.

So to answer “How to start a home business with no money” we need to first understand the basics about technology.  The fast growing and exploding technology in the world today gives us the key to make our task simple and convenient. The endless streams of data shared throughout the world makes our task extremely simple, but it is not easy as 1-2-3. We should have a creative mind and a strong positive attitude. In order to find new ways to earn money, we have to think outside of the box, to separate our ideas from those who share the same ways of thinking.

“How To Start A Home Business With No Money?”  Answer: Having A Internet Based Company

A home business and to make money online is one of the best choice to start because we can do this in the comfort of our available time and in the comfort of our home at the same time we can serve a valuable time to our family. So, how to start a home business with no money?  Creating a blog is a great way to make money online! has everything you need to start writing blogs for money.

But starting home business is not easy because some people with bad intentions are also using this GENERATION-X. There are programs running on the internet were used for scam. Saying “instant income using this push button software”, guaranteed earnings saying that “just lock-in your position”, “time is limited for this offer will go off-line” by any moment, and etc. It’s a ton’s of fake products and promising to make money online as quick as one click.

Using ClickBank Allows You To Start Producing Revenue Today!

how to start a home business with no money click bankI would like to share this good news, you don’t have to worry about that scam and fake offers because I found CLICKBANK. They are now recently cleaning and removing those vendors and products which are bogus. They have a very strict screening and scrutinize all new products coming into their market place. Only genuine products are accepted. For more information and not familiar with CLICKBANK.

In CLICKBANK you can start a home business without any investment just Sign Up here. After creating your account you can start promoting any of their products as an affiliate. Just go to their market place, then you can see categories of products for you to choose which you would like to promote. And then, you may be starting to make money online.

In answering How to start a home business with no money, we need to promote your affiliate products you will need to have a website traffic or to have a double opt-in email list. I have a list of recommend products from clickbank which will help you to start your home business. You may also visit to my blog and click the banner of the side bar it is a software tools to help build your free website traffic.

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Need Money Now? Top 5 Ways To Get Money Quickly

Do you need money now?!  More often than not, Mother or Dad simply advised you that you simply did not want it or they could not afford it. Nevertheless, should you needed it actually dangerous you then did every part you can to get your arms on no matter it was that you simply needed. For me, it was a distant management hover craft! I simply needed to have that factor the minute I laid my eyes on it at Toys R’ Us.

The sensation you could have inside that drives you to do “no matter it takes” is exceptional. As a 12 yr previous boy, I did something and every little thing I might to save lots of up the cash to purchase this distant management hovercraft. After about four weeks of doing my brother’s chores and spending hours serving to the neighbors clear their yard (that they had some canine that always have been moving into the trash and so forth.) I lastly had the cash!

My level of this story is that once you need or have to make straightforward cash quick there are all the time strategies to getting doing it. On this article you’ll hear from me as I talk about 5 of one of the best methods to earn a living quick and straightforward if you need money now. This stuff may be achieved by virtually anybody so maintain studying!

Top 5 Ways To Get Money Today If You Need Money Now!

1) Rob Peter To Pay Paul

When you’ve got an revenue already then you definiteness greater than doubtless spending all or a portion of that cash some place else. Make a finances and decide what you can stay with out and reduce these bills. It is all about priorities. In case you are determined for the cash to make a mortgage or automotive cost then perhaps you can cancel your cable T.V. or XM satellite tv for pc radio service. Making these small changes could also be troublesome at first however are undoubtedly value it in most conditions. Take a look at the place all of your cash goes and see in the event you can reduce anyplace).  There is a great expense calculator that will help you do this quickly.

2) Get Some Sleep

Once I was in school a number of my buddies were able to make money doing a sleep research program. Initially, it was exhausting to discover an analysis firm in our space however as soon as they did it was fairly easy and quick. Principally, the best way it really works is you fill out a bunch of paperwork after which go into a physician’s workplace and sleep. They may hook up some wires and monitor your mind exercise and respiration and so on. Usually they may ask you to return again for a second session a day or two later. Normally they pay extra should you come again and second or third time. You possibly can anticipate to spend about 1 hour filling out paperwork and 6-eight hours of sleeping per day. In 2-three days you possibly can have as much as $800 in your pocket!

If You Need Money Now Consider Selling Unused Items

3) Get Rid of Stuff

Need Money Now CraigslistMost individuals have a home or storage filled with crap that they do not use anymore. The web is a superb software to make use of to promote all of this undesirable stuff. This is likely one of the quickest methods to generate income quick and straightforward if you’re need money now. I might recommend going by means of your home and storage and making a pile of belongings you not need or want. Take into account that you are attempting to promote this stuff so do not pile up a bunch of junk that nobody would need. Everybody has at the least $500 value of issues of their home they might half with.

Take footage together with your cellular phone or digital camera and submit them to Craigslist. If you do not know how one can use Craigslist simply go to their web site and there’s an assist part. The primary issues to recollect are to place footage of your gadgets you’re promoting and hold you’re posting description easy. Don’t write three paragraphs about your pool desk or forty two” huge display. Footage and a small description work the perfect. When you really feel snug put a name again quantity within the post. A telephone number will generate one of the best outcomes.

Jobs Opportunities

4) Make a Donation

Guys know what I imply once I say donation. I am referring to a sperm financial institution facility. This can be humiliating for many guys nevertheless it pays properly. Women can ask their husbands or boyfriends to do that for them. Analysis the place your native sperm financial institution donation facility is and name forward to ensure they’re accepting donors. That is for positive among the best methods to earn a living quick and straightforward. You simply do not need to make it a behavior);

5) Get To Work

This may increasingly sound silly however getting a job may do the trick when you need money now. If you do not have a job, go get one. If in case you have one go get one other one! There’s nothing flawed with working. My suggestion to you is to consider what expertise you have got after which take into consideration the place you would use these expertise. Grocery shops are all the time in search of individuals they usually have a number of positions you can select from. The pay is probably not the best but when it is a second job it might be the distinction between you with the ability to pay on your mortgage or not. Simply go do it and have enjoyable. Working a second job may be short-term. Keep in mind my distant management hovercraft story. As quickly as I received that factor I ended doing my brothers chores and serving to the neighbors.  Here’s a couple websites that can help you build your home business or make money online.

Need Money Now Overview

If it’s essential generate profits quick and straightforward then decide how a lot you want and exit and make it. A lot of the course of is psychological however it does require bodily effort. When you get a recreation plan simply go implement it.  You need money now, hopefully these 5 issues address your needs.

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